Lake Bolsena

Bolsena lake aerial panoramic view from Montefiascone, Italy.Lake Bolsena is a magical place for the beauty of its countryside and the history of its towns.

In the Summer it is a lively holiday resort, much loved by fishermen and cyclists. Its waters are clean and its beaches large and often partly shaded. The Bisentina and Martana islands are both private property, but they may be circled on board the motor boats departing from the harbours of both Capodimonte and Bolsena that give offshore tours of their nature and their architecture.

Bolsena is the fifth largest lake in Italy and the largest volcanic lake in Europe with a perimeter of 43 kilometers and a maximum depth of 150 meters.

On its shores are the towns of Capodimonte, Bolsena, and Marta. Atop the hills surrounding the lake are the towns of Montefiascone, Valentano , Gradoli , Grotte di Castro and San Lorenzo Nuovo. For further information on places to visit, consult the web site